International trade plays a vital role in meeting the global demand for various goods and materials. Importing raw materials, finished products, chemicals, pipes, fittings, and oil tools has become an essential part of many industries in today’s interconnected world. 

In Criterion Global, we make thorough research on the market and identify the specific raw materials, finished products, chemicals, pipes, fittings, or oil tools you wish to import. Assess the demand, competition, and potential suppliers.

We meet and select reliable suppliers who meet your quality standards, have a good reputation, and can provide necessary certifications, customs regulations and documentation.

We ensure we check if an import license is required for the items you plan to import. Obtain the necessary permits and licenses from the relevant authorities for you.

Prepare the required customs documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists, bill of lading, and any additional certificates or declarations needed for specific materials or products.

In Criterion global, we dont compromise with standard. We make sure that compliance and Standards applicable to the items you are importing, such as quality certifications, safety standards, and labeling requirements are maintained.

As per the Shipping and Logistics:

We Engage a reputable freight forwarder experienced in handling the type of goods you are importing. They can assist with transportation, customs clearance, and logistics coordination.

We Determine the appropriate Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) that define the responsibilities and costs between the buyer and seller during transportation.

And on Insurance: We ensure we engage well standard insurance company for proper insurance on the goods in other to protect your shipment with appropriate cargo insurance coverage to safeguard against loss, damage, or unforeseen events during transit.

On Customs Clearance and Duties:

We have licensed customs broker who can navigate the complex customs procedures and ensure smooth clearance of your goods. We Understand the applicable tariffs, taxes, and duties imposed by your country’s customs authorities. Calculate the potential costs involved and factor them into your import budget.


Pipes and Oil Tools Importations
pipes fittings and etc
Chemicals importations

We always request product samples from potential suppliers to assess quality, specifications, and compliance with standards before placing large orders.
and also consider engaging third-party inspection agencies to verify the quality, quantity, and conformity of the goods you are importing. This helps ensure compliance with your specifications and minimizes risks.

On Importing Chemicals: Safety Data Sheets (SDS): Chemical importers must obtain and provide SDS for hazardous substances. Ensure compliance with regulations such as the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for classification and labeling.

We will check if specific chemicals require registration with relevant regulatory bodies. Comply with regulations regarding handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous chemicals.

Importing raw materials, finished products, chemicals, pipes, fittings, oil tools, etc can be a complex process. However, with thorough planning, knowledge of regulations, and careful supplier selection, you can successfully navigate the importation journey. Stay up-to-date with changing regulations, maintain good communication with suppliers and customs authorities, and prioritize quality control to ensure a smooth and successful import operation.